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About NS

Neutron Starr is named after that cool leftover star bit from a supernova explosion. Even though it's relatively small, it's incredibly solid. 

Now, here's where things get electrifying and a bit geeky. Neutron stars are filled to the brim with protons and neutrons, which are elements found in electricity.  These electric charges are found in every living creature, including you! We really are all connected.

But enough about stars, let's talk about what we offer. When it comes to apparel we create fun, unique, and comfy designs for people who love to embrace their artistic side and show off their style. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, hitting the gym, or strutting your stuff at the mall,  we want you to bring a piece of art along.  Our sweats make you feel like you're on cloud nine, tops that'll make you shine, leggings that'll hug you in all the right places,  tees that are pure awesome colour.

Our work is all about colours and imagery that makes you feel good; you know... that feeling when you wear something that makes you feel oh-so-special? Well, our number one feedback is all about the comfort and the complements! We want to embark on an electrifying journey and become your favourite piece. 

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